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 Search Engine Optimisation Glossary

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Paid Listing

A listing on a SERP that is achieved through outbidding competitors (as in PPC). The term is sometimes also used to refer to keyword-targeted advertisements, where the advertiser pays the search engine a fixed amount to have its ad shown on the SERP for a specific keyword.

PageRank (PR)

A proprietary numerical score that is assigned by Google to every web page in their index. PR for each page is calculated by Google using a special mathematical algorithm, based on the number and quality (as determined by Google) of the inbound links to the page.

Page Views

Each time a web page on a site is accessed by a visitor, it counts as one page view. It doesn't matter if the same user viewed the same page 5 minutes ago, it still represents another page view.

For example, let's say that a website receives two unique visitors in one day. The first visitor surfs around the site and views a total of six pages. The second visitor views 11 pages. This represents 17 page views for the day by two unique visitors. (This poor webmaster needs to do some serious SEO and site promotion!)


A web site that functions as a kind of starting page or entry point to the web. Portals typically have a wide variety of features such as search, free web-based e-mail, news etc. Well-known examples include Excite and Yahoo .

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

An advertising payment model where the advertiser pays only when the advertisement is actually clicked. In other words, the advertiser literally pays only for visitors rather than per advertisement impression . The term CPC (cost per click) is sometimes used in the place of PPC and the plural PPCs is sometimes used to refer to PPC search engines .

Paid Inclusion

- Some directories will only consider placing your URL into their database if you pay them a fee.

Yahoo charges a $299 per year evaluation fee for commercial sites. Note that this fee doesn't guarantee that your URL will be accepted and placed in the Yahoo database, but rather that Yahoo will consider your site for inclusion in a timely manner. If your site is rejected, you're just out your $299. But you do have an opportunity to appeal the decision.

Other smaller directories will guarantee to list your site upon payment of their fee, provided that your site meets their guidelines (these are clearly explained ahead of time).


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